The Mbarara University of Science and Technology Office of Research Administration (ORA), was created initially as a Grants Office in the FoM as one of the deliverables of the MEPI MESAU program for its Consortium institutions.

ORA provides services to its stakeholders by securing and identifying funding sources, proposal development support, formulating and reviewing budgets, negotiating agreements, obtaining and interpreting funding guidelines, promoting compliance of grant applications and contracts with sponsor and university policies and regulations and ensuring financial accountability for external funding for research and projects.

Course Name Course Time Status
Development of Psycological Tools Dec, 8-11, 2015  
Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Jan, 6-8, 2015  
Responsible Conduct of Research Jan 11-15,April 18-22,  
Good Clinical Laboratory Practice Jan 18-22, April 11-15,  
Implementation Research Jan 25-29, 2015  
Endnote Training Feb 3-5, 2015  
Data Management & Mining Feb 8-12, 2015  
Scientific Manuscript Writing and Presentantion Feb22-26, 2015  
Archiving and retrieving samples for research TBD  
Qualitative Research Methods Feb 29-March 4  
Fundamental of Molecular Diagnostics March 7-11,April 4-8  
Intellectural Property March 14-18  
Grant Writing March 29-April 4  
Developing Policy briefs June 22-24  
Motivational talk on Research and personal Development TBD  
Human Resource Management TBD  
Strategic Planning and Management TBD  
Public Program Evaluation Techniques TBD  
Financial Administration in Research Administration TBD  


The MURTI Program is a 5-year project funded by NIH to build capacity amongst staff and junior faculty of MUST. By the end of its fifth year, the program will have enabled junior faculty develop expertise in the prevention and treatment of HIV, CVD, Mental health disorders and Neurology, as well as equip junior faculty with research capacities necessary to succeed as the next generation of independent investigators in Uganda.

This newsletter therefore chronicles the journey of MURTI in tackling these objectives. It is an initiative of MURTI aimed at informing the entire MURTI community about the happenings at MURTI and the benefits that accrue from engaging in research. It features articles from MURTI Fellows as well as various participants of the different trainings that have been organized by MURTI, sharing their experiences from the different activities they have engaged in under MURTI.