Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives

ORA  Vision

The ORA FoM Vision is “To Be A Vibrant One Stop Centre Providing Excellent Health Sciences Research Support In Africa”

ORA  Mission

“To provide a platform to support Health Sciences Research by developing an all round Cadre of Health Researchers and generate funds to carry out research which informs education and practice of Health Care Providers”

ORA Values

The Core values of the ORA FoM reflect what is truly important to the office. These values are the non negotiable basic principles that guide how business is  conducted. The core values are:

  • Accountability
  • Professionalism (up-to date with information)
  • Respect (integrity, consistency, honesty)
  • Impartial/Equity
  • Timeliness (communication & feedback)
  • Team work 

Strategic Objectives

  1. To establish the Office of Research Administration in the Faculty of Medicine at MUST
  2. To build the capacity of Researchers, motivate and retain them
  3. To strengthen the existing collaborations and develop networks to attract more Research collaborators and partners.
  4. To establish & strengthen governance structures that create a conducive research environment.