Plans For The Next Reporting Period (August 2016-July 2017)

In Year 02, the first four Fellows will complete their research, develop and submit grant proposals, and write manuscripts for publication in professional journals. From September 26 to November 16, 2016, the MURTI will host an intensive grant-writing course for the MURTI Fellows with an outside expert. Each session of the course will cover one section or aspect of NIH-style grant proposals, and each MURTI Fellow will form a team to work on an extramural application with her/his MURTI Mentor(s).

The program for the Research Symposium will be instituted in preparation for Year 03. All cohort one Fellows will be expected to prepare for the dissemination of their findings during the symposium; mentors and junior faculty will be requested to prepare abstracts in the relevant MURTI research areas; and invitations for delegates will be sent out so that they can save the date for the symposium.

We will begin monitoring publication, presentation, and grant submission outcomes as well as the capacity of the MUST ORA to facilitate grant proposal submission and grant management as a result of MURTI promotion of junior faculty research.