Research Manager

Edith Wakida is a Research Manager in the Office of Research Administration (ORA) Faculty of Medicine. She has participated in several Research Administration and Management (RAM) training courses in and outside Uganda.  
She has visited established Research Support offices like the College of Medicine Research Support Center, Malawi (developing country) and Johns Hopkins University (developed country) to learn best practices of setting up research support structures. She used the knowledge to set up the Office of Research Administration in the Faculty of Medicine, MUST.

Ms. Wakida is a member of the Society of Research Administrators (SRA) International, Eastern Africa Research Innovations and Management Association (EARIMA), and Uganda Research Innovations and Management Association  (URIMA). Each year she attends a research administration professional conference to learn best practices from senior research administrators and remains up-to-date with evolving policies. She is part of the Development Research Uptake in Sub Saharan Africa (DRUSSA) network whose aim is to promote research uptake and communication.

Ms. Wakida has a strong passion for research administration, she has a Masters in Research Administration from the University of Central Florida and is a Ph.D student focusing on Implementation Research in Health Sciences. 

Full Names: 
Ms. Edith Wakida