Training opportunitiesand professional development MURTI has provided

The entire MURTI is aimed at training and professional development – both of the four Fellows enrolled each year and of the larger MUST junior faculty. In addition, MURTI Fellows are collaborating with other junior faculty in their departments; Drs. Doreen Nakku and Scholastic Ashaba trained other junior faculty in their respective departments on how to collect data for their seed projects so that they work together. In this way, they are providing peer mentorship. Dr. Ashaba is also working with postgraduate students in manuscript writing, as well as providing research supervision. Dr. Nakku is guiding the residents in proposal writing and methodology besides co-supervisor two residents' research work. She has been tasked by her Head of Department to oversee research in the department.

The MURTI program facilitated the professional development of the Research Manager (Edith Wakida MA, MRA), Finance Manager (Julius Atugonza, BA, CPA), and a Lecturer/cardiothoracic surgeon (Alfred Omo, MD). The Research Manager was facilitated to attend a two-week Philosophy of Methods course at Makerere University. This is a foundational course needed when developing a research idea and helps to explain the theoretical basis of doing research. The skills gained are being shared with junior faculty/researchers who utilize the ORA. The Finance Manager was supported to attend the East Southern Africa Management Institute executive MBA program to strengthen his financial management skills as well as build capacity in the general research administration. The lecturer/cardiothoracic surgeon was supported to attend the International Cardiothoracic Symposium at the Royal College of Surgeons of England May 19-24, 2016. He will share knowledge gained with other junior faculty and students in his department. Dr. Maling, Wakida, and Asiime attended the Society of Research Administrators (SRA) International conference at Las Vegas, Nevada USA to learn best practices while Samantha attended the one in Dar es salaam, Tanzania