Policies and Plans

Research Administration as a profession has mutated, changed and grown. It has evolved in ways totally unexpected. New needs arising from the experience of research itself calls upon our imagination to discover, invent and implement new forms of services that research of every discipline continues to benefit academic scholarships, industry, cultural advancement and common good of women, men and children of this world.

The main roles of any University are Education (Training), Research and Service. In most low income countries faced with limited resources Faculty members are more often bogged down with training duties. The establishment of an office for Research Administration will go a long way in supporting Faculty and students to write winning proposals, carry out research projects, publish their findings and translate these findings into health policies to benefit the lives of all Ugandans.

The idea of setting up a CIRIMO office was concretised after some faculty members, under the auspices of MESAU visited Johns Hopkins University and later the College of Medicine Malawi tolearn how research is managed and administered. It was later decided that the CIRIMO be jump started with a clear strategic plan that will provide a road map for its operations. MUST MESAU is working hand in hand with MUST DRUSSA to strengthen Research & Innovations management and research uptake in the university.