Three strategic planning workshops were organized and facilitated by the iRIM supplement grant at MUST. The first was to develop a research strategy for the faculty of Medicine on the 4th-6th February 2013 which saw the establishment of an Office for Research Administration, the second the strategic plan for the Centralized Institutional Research Innovations and Management Office in the entire university 11th -15th March 2013 and lastly departmental strategic planning TOT workshop with the Heads of Department in the Faculty of Medicine so that they help their departments come up with respective strategic plans. The aim of doing this was to strategically plan for research so that faculty embrace it as part of their duties. 17 out of the 22 departments in the FoM were represented on the 3rd-5th May 2013; draft strategic plans were developed and are to be completed by the respective departments under the guidance of the heads.'

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Prepared by Edith Wakida
Approved for submission by Prof. Samuel Maling