Proposal Submission

Key Steps in the Proposal submission process under ORA

  1. Investigator identifies funding opportunity.
  2. Investigator notifies RA and ORA Signing Official of intent to submit an application and shares the funding opportunity announcement (FOA) or request for application/proposal (RFA/RFP).
  3. Investigator and RA review FOA or RFA/RFP to understand of the application requirements, including its various components, formatting instructions and submission guidelines.
  4. RA or Signing Official downloads the application package or template from the funding agency’ website.
  5. Investigator and RA prepare the application, including the budget.
  6. ORA Signing Official reviews the application to:
  7. Ensure that the guidelines set forth in the FOA or RFA/RFP are met.
  8. Ensure that the budget conforms to any applicable rules, regulations, and internal policies and calculated using the appropriate fringe benefits rate(s) and facilities and administrative cost rate(s) (F&A).
  9. Identify and verify cost sharing.
  10. Any proposed cost sharing, including reduced F&A rates or F&A waiver, must be justified in terms of value of the proposed activity to the academic mission of the institution.
  11. ORA Signing Official communicates any needed changes to the investigator and RA.
  12. Investigator and RA address any needed changes and submit the final application to ORA Signing Official no later than two business days in advance of the application deadline.
  13. ORA Signing Official reviews application and submits to funding agency.
  14. ORA Signing Official works with the investigator and RA to address any errors or warnings at the time of submission, and ensures that the application is successfully received by the funding agency.